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Notable Quotes from Allen Darman (4-21-2012)

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Notable Quotes to Use as You Wish from Allen D…

2012 is not the End of the World… It is the End of the Lies.

The Keyboard is Exponentially Mightier Than the Sword.

There is Nothing Our Federal Government Fears More than a Hippie that Knows How to Use the Internet to Effect Positive Social Change.

The Hippie Our Federal Government *Fears the Most* is me.

Save Internet FREEDOM! AT iWoodstock in San Francisco this July! We need YOU!… and Bring All of Your Facebook and Twitter Friends!

The Thing I Love About Blogging vs. Using Paper and Writing a Book is… A Book is Static (*not easily changed*)… But a Blog represents *A Dynamic Document* that Can Be Changed *At Any Time!*.

Mark My Words! The 1st Internet Woodstock called iWoodstock 2012 Is Going to Change the World! for the *Better* >>>*Much Better*<<< for sure.

Trillions Will Change Hands in 2012 in *the Stock Market* Due to My Last Two Weeks of Blogs. All that’s Needed Now Is Some iTime for to Blossom… …


Dear WordPress Website Development Team:

Please Feel Free to *Take Wide Editorial Liberties* with the Copy I am Providing the Team with no Copyright Protection Whatsoever.

Please Feel Free *At All Times* to Suggest and/or Input >>>Your Own Copy and Ideas<<< into (the Primary iWoodstock Website) and/or (the Secondary iWoodstock Website). I will *Let You Know* if I Don’t Like Them and Why… or if… Yes! these >>>Good Ideas of Yours!<<< Should Be Included!

You People Really KNOW what You are Doing! in Regard to Your Areas of *Wordpress* Website Development (WWD) and SEO Expertise. I am Not Going to “Second Guess You”. I am a Brilliant Creative thinker… my Job ends there. Puff Puff Passing the Copy to You from Catch it and Run!


More Notable Quotes from Allen D

An Enlightened Website >Professionally Optimized and Prepared< is a *Powerful Force* in Which to Produce *Needed Social Change*. >Is a Great Example< of this!

The Only Way Out of the Jam I Am In in Regard to the Big Pharma, the Mafia, and the Feds is *To WordPress Blog* My Way In To *The Presidential Internet Roundtable* of *The New Internet Based Government* of *The New Freedom States of America*… and I intend to do “Just This”. is a *Very Good Start*! towards my Goals!

Why Should I Bunk Heads with The Feds in DC with; When I Can Smoke a Bowl with my Fellow Revolutionaries in Frisco at

I'd have to be *Crazy* to Go to DC in July and Sweat the Heat!… when a 2012 Woodstock iParty Awaits! me in Cool San Francisco! w/Tens of Thousands of My Fellow Hippies Attending! Believe me… I ain't *Crazy*! I am only a bit *Bipolar* when >I Choose420 Hypomanic Fun<! rotflmao

I Think with a *World View* at All Times. I can’t help it. My Father taught me well… and I learned some later too…

More as times go on…

Allen D


Some Notable Quotes by Others

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. Tennessee Williams

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. Gustave Flaubert

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter. Blaise Pascal