It Is Going To Be Interesting To See What *Internet Martyrdom* Means Should It Occur With One Or More Of Us Three (4-12-2013)

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An Introduction to Bedford Book Connections (3-2-2013)

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Bedford Book Connections

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Introduction A Reading group that combines the joy of reading with adaptations of books in various media; film, theatre, radio plays etc. Our reading material: the classics, science fiction, crime, literature, non-fiction – in short from Asimov to Zola and everything between. We meet every 2 weeks (flexible depending on groups availability), discussing the current read while reading it. We talk about the book and bring to the discussion supplementary material relevant to the author and/or story or period. Our aim is to lift the words off the page to enjoy and experience the author’s creation in a multitude of ways.

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The Only Course of Action To Save Two Lesbian 420sub WordPress Internet Freedom Heroes From Certain Death Quite Soon (1-11-2013)

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Posted on January 11, 2013

I, Allen Darman, am Not Under Any Immediate Threat Of Dying At The Hands Of the Powers that Be.

They Are Too Afraid Of Making A Martyr Out Of Me. 

Unfortunately, Half of my Four Member WordPress Team IS UNDER IMMEDIATE THREAT OF DYING, 
In Part Because Thus Far They Have Made Two Foolish Decisions.

One of these Foolish Decisions Is To Not Ally With Me By Name, As a Heroic Man Named Mark J. of CoveredWebServices.com did.

The Second Foolish Decision My Two Dearly Beloved Lesbian 420sub WordPress Collaborators has made, is That they have yet to Widely Internet Publish their Travel Plans, and Get On An Amtrak Train to Join Up With Me.

The Above Course Of Action Is Quite Literally The Only Chance that They Have Of Surviving Another Month Or Two.

These Two Heroes May Be Dead Next Week.

I Pray that “They Wake Up” and “*Get Real Smart*” Quite Soon. 

Allen Darman

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I try to leave out the parts that people skip.Elmore Leonard

I try to use my logic and deductive skills to figure out the parts that people skip. I have to Deeply Thank my Mother Marion Darman for fostering my logic and deductive skills by the Great Books! she continually fed to me when I was a child and young man. The lessons that she was responsible for teaching me have quite literally saved me from Certain Death at the Hands of the Mafia dozens of times since they first tried to kill me on January 6, 2010. AllenD

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Sunday iMeeting Slices for Your Thoughts, Feedback, Comment, and/or Consideration – Week Beg. 4/15/2012

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***IMPORTANT Note: This Particular Blog has an *Identical Copy* of It Posted (WordPress Published) on Four Other WordPress Websites.

One of these WordPress Websites Represents a *Reblog* of this Material. (Nutrientscure)

The Other Three WordPress Websites Involve *Cut and Paste Renditions* of this Blog. (Concepts and Ideas for Internet Government, Odds and Ends For My July 4th Revolution Friends *And* July4thRevolution)

To Avoid a Lack of Communication and/or Confusion Between Us, *ALL Comments* to this Sunday iMeeting Slices Blog Should be Placed on THIS Particular RENDITION OF IT AT Odds and Ends For My July 4th Revolution Friends.

[Admitted in Advance: At My Discretion I May Spread Some of the Comments Made Here to Some or All of the Above Mentioned Websites… When It Seems Appropriate to Do So. If You Are Not Comfortable with This, Please Say So.]

*Doing this* (placing *All Comments* that *We May Make* to this material *Here*)… *We Are All On The Same Page*.

In Business (and Revolution) Management, it is Good to Get the Management Team *On the Same Page*… One Way or the Other!… lol.

That is What I am Doing Here… with this Blog Slice! (Getting us on the same page)

Addressed to the Feds that *Are Monitoring Me*: Over the Internet… WordPress Business Management is Both *Incredibly Easy* and *Very Effective*!

You Can Either Take My Word For It!… or…

I Will Prove It to You Soon!… rotflmao

Allen Darman

End of IMPORTANT Note***


In this Historic WordPress *Sunday iManagement iMeeting Slices* Blog…

I am essentially *iManaging* an *iRevolution*…

Using the *Power of the Collective Human Mind*! (Via the *Great Blogging Platform!* called *Wordpress*, and During *Weekly IWOWWE! Video Conference iMeetings*!)…

And the *Power of the Internet*! of course!


My Blog beginning with *Alarm!!!* Should, if Not Must, be Controlled as far as it’s Going Viral is Concerned.

We may want to delay this (*Going Viral*) from the Standpoint of Strategy.

There Are a Number of Reasons that I Say this…

More on this Point Tomorrow…


That’s All Folks!… on this Blog for now… Until I get a Good Rest.

The Time Now is 12:15 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on 4/16/2012.


That’s All Folks!… on this Blog for now… Until I get a Good Rest.

The Time Now is a little after Noon Eastern Standard Time (EST) on 4/16/2012.


I am a drinker with writing problems. Brendan Behan

2012 is not the End of the World… it is the End of the Lies. Allen Darman

Seven Heads is Better than One, and Twelve is Even Better Yet! Allen Darman

I am iManaging an iRevolution with iMeetings! the Feds are done! Allen Darman