Month: April 2013

Allen Darman Just Received The First Report For The Date Of 4-13-2013 Of His Two Lesbian 420Sub Friends Being SUBJECTED TO A POISON GAS ATTACK ON 4-13-2013

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My WordPress Team in San Francisco has used “Blog Reordering” to signal to me that they are being subjected to a poison gas attack.

I just got signalled by blog reordering that my heroic help is getting gassed again!

Are they being intimidated by the Mafia or the Feds to not meet me in Emeryville on Friday?


Our WordPress Collaborative Team needs all of the help and “Watchful Internet Eyes” it can get at this time.

Both America and the World is in deep trouble… especially if any one of my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team is Openly Murdered While the Internet watches… and folks do not take appropriate collective Revolutionary action afterwards.

Allen Darman

This Train Is Loaded With Mafia Members

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I am dead certain of this.