My First Post to the Yahoo Group Called iwood12WWDSEO

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I Can Not Thank You Folks Enough! for what you have done in regard to “helping me”.

The Websites that Are Being Set Up may be able to generate Money in some Way.

If the Above Should Occur, I want *None* of it as *a Matter of Principle* and *In Order to Stay Obedient to My God*.

Any Fiscal Gains Achieved by iwoodstock2012 and/or iwood12 *Are Yours Entirely*.

By *Yours* I mean those Persons that *Actually Do the Work* to Make the Website Happen and/or Get it *Search Engine Optimized*.

The Doors for this Yahoo Group Officially Open at 9 PM EST on 4/17/2012…

Assuming Hackers Do Not Block Me.

All the Very Best…


Allen D


The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it. Leo Rosten

The Only Way Out of the Jam I Am In in Regard to the Big Pharma, the Mafia, and the Feds is *To WordPress Blog* My Way In To *The Presidential Internet Roundtable* of *The New Internet Based Government* of *The New Freedom States of America*… and I intend to do “just this”. iwood12 is a *Good Start*! Allen Darman

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